What’s Oma Doing?

May 11, 2010

Well, well, well! I’ll go straight to the point: I’ve changed focus!

Warning: This is a long and exciting post!

I have been learning, growing and taking focused action under the mentorship of U.K. marketing guru Bernadette Doyle! I have created my umbrella company, Women’s Breakthroughs, which focuses on empowering women, economically through entrepreneurship, and in their lives by personal development and coaching. So we have two arms:

1. business and

2. life empowerment for women.

The business arm of Women’s Breakthroughs is called Get Clear, Get Known, GET CLIENTS!  GCGKGC was born partly from research findings and partly from my personal experiences! Let me explain:

My experiences: Two failed start-ups and a third one threatening to go belly up! Convinced that entrepreneurship was the only way for me I dug in deep with marketing research and got quality mentoring from world class mentors. Within a few months of working with mentor Bernadette Doyle and her team I have rescued my dream from the clutches of failure and have put things on the right track. I am currently building a network of prospects and business owners, as well as satisfied clients.

My research: I surveyed, interviewed and spoke to hundreds of female small business owners across the world. Thanks to the power of technology I rarely had to leave my desk to do this! The recurring theme when asked their biggest business challenge was: getting a steady stream of clients and avoiding feast-or-famine in their businesses. I target women because my life purpose involves empowering women, and what better way than to empower their businesses?

 This is how Get Clear, Get Known, GET CLIENTS! was born. It was set up to help female small business owners attract a steady stream of clients, the authentic, feminine way. Authentic because I teach my clients to find tools and strategies that honour their values and feel comfortable. Feminine because marketing and sales are traditionally thought of as masculine and aggressive; as compelling people to buy things they normally wouldn’t. Female entrepreneurs typically shy away from acting inauthentically in their businesses. And since they imagine that this is what marketing involves, they avoid it. I have actually come across women business owners who depend largely on word of mouth to grow their businesses. Needless to say, they are not getting many clients.

I therefore help my clients to attract prospects who need what they offer rather than chasing after those who do not. We make use of skills which women have naturally, such as sharing what they know, desiring to help, and networking, to build our client bases. With their attraction plans in place, my clients keep their pipelines full of prospects and therefore prevent the feast-or-famine situation. They are taught prospect conversion and client follow-up skills, to help turn prospects to clients, and to keep clients for longer.

For a short time I was also a member of Ali Brown’s Millionaire Protégé Club, to keep up my abundance mindset. However, I found that Bernadette and her team of mentors were more than able to do the job adequately, and so I stepped out of Ali’s club, but still receive and enjoy her communications regularly.

If you would like to find out more about Bernadette Doyle’s Stepping Up program and Marketing Mastermind Forum you can do so here: http://tinyurl.com/37bxkat

Over the past weekend of May 7th – 9th I was at Bernadette’s More Leads, More Clients, More Sales event held at the Heathrow Sheraton. Boy, was it powerful! There were over a hundred entrepreneurs present, with experts from different spheres of entrepreneurship there to share their knowledge, tips, mind shifts and breakthroughs with us! I’ve been taking massive action since I got back and from colleague reports, so has everyone else! In my next post I’ll tell you what actions I’ve been taking. But I’ll share just one of them right now!

I have created a LinkedIn group called Inner Game Client Attraction. It’s for open-minded female entrepreneurs of any race, orientation or creed who could benefit from the international networking and exposure it affords. It is non-location specific, so it’s accessible 24/7. Think of the possible exposure to your business! 45% of people on LinkedIn are decision makers as opposed to 28% on other networks such as Face Book and Twitter. So it’s the place to be! At Inner Game Client Attraction we believe that success is largely an inner game thing, and client-attraction success is no different. We share tips, resources information etc which can help us build a success mindset, inner congruence and the self-assurance it takes to succeed in today’s business world. I have been mentored by some of the best, so you can believe me when I say, without the inner game going right, your business will not reach its full potential. I invite you to join us if you’re a female entrepreneur who wants to soar this year! We already have a growing number of high-achieving women on board. And you can always opt out if you find it is not for you.

Check us out at Inner Game Client Attraction on LinkedIn here:  http://tinyurl.com/33am9an

Check out Bernadette Doyle’s Mastermind forum/Stepping Up program here: http://tinyurl.com/37bxkat

“See” you on the next post. Do take some massive, immediate, productive action in your business meanwhile! I call it MIPA! We learned this from Lewis Howes (author of the LinkedIn Book “LinkedWorking”) over the weekend!

Love and great success,


P.S. My TEMPORARY website is at http://getcleargetknowngetclients.co.uk. The “real deal” is still under construction. The temp one doesn’t look that good but it has great content already!

For my free eBook “12 Reasons Women Business Owners Struggle to Get Clients” you can sign up for it at my temp website or go straight here: http://tinyurl.com/33yqlcu  In this eBook I compiled 12 of the common reasons I found, that women-owned businesses struggle to get clients. Avoid these 12 mistakes and attract more clients to your business!

Please pass this eBook link to your female entrepreneur friends too!

Here it is once again: http://tinyurl.com/33yqlcu

Thank you!


Does Your Income Stop When You’re Absent from Your Business?

January 25, 2010

I was recently at a blog where the pluses and down-sides of self-employment where being discussed. One down-side that came up was that you don’t get sick pay, paid absences or earn income while you’re not there. Well, I’m happy to share with you that you can get paid or generate income in your absence. Below are 4 of such ways. Especially important to business moms!

1. Generate passive income in your business

Can you create a product or service one time, and get paid for it over and over, even when you aren’t physically present to serve your customers/clients? Examples of this could be licensing a workshop/system/recipe you’ve created, setting up an affiliate scheme where others sell your products/services for you, giving out re-sellers rights so that people pay you for the right to resell your work/creations, packaging and re-selling information in the form of books, e-books, CDs, DVDs etc, franchising, leveraging your efforts by joint-venturing with others so that you gain access to a wider pool of prospects/clients. Think of ways you could create passive income in your kind of business.

2. Set up an on-line store

Setting up such a store means that your customers can buy from you 24/7, 365 days a year, whether you are dead or alive! PayPal makes it very easy. You can just add a PayPal button to your web page, or send your customers a link if you don’t have a website and they can pay you. They don’t need to have a PayPal account to do this. And there are many other sites you could sell from too.

3. Systematize everything

Set up systems and take on board an assistant to follow your systems. I personally prefer a virtual assistant (V.A.) VAs are not physically present as employees but work for you over the phone or internet. So you don’t have employee paperwork and responsibilities. VAs are widely used all over the world, not just by small businesses but also by large corporations. Not only can a V.A. cover for you in your absence, he/she can also take off your hands those time-consuming but low-paying aspects of your work, such as admin and clerical stuff, so that you can concentrate on the higher-paying tasks such as seeing clients.

4. Automate it!

Yet one more solution is to automate as much as you can. Set up auto responders to answer your emails or send out newsletters. Put your product fulfillment on auto-pilot by engaging the services of a fulfillment company. Set up systems to ship orders or deliver downloadable products once customers make their orders. Think of all the ways you can automate in your business.

Being self-employed has its benefits as well as its tough sides. But if not getting paid whenever you aren’t there has been one of your tough sides, I do hope that by now your mind is agog and your creative side a-whirl as you come up with your own solutions.

Care to share with us how you make money in your absence? What’s your experience with VAs, online stores, automation or systematizing? Are you hard-pressed coming up with ideas for passive income? Scroll down and tell us about it! You are welcome to offer suggestions too!

Earning Passive Income in 2010

January 6, 2010


This is just a short post about a shift that could greatly increase your bottom line this year.

Are you trading time for money? I mean getting paid for the number of hours you serve your clients or boss? If you’d like to earn more money in 2010, this is so-o not the way to go!

In this present age smart people are learning the power of leverage, which is sowing smart effort that, over time brings in a harvest beyond what you could ordinarily do alone. This means identifying some effort that you can apply once, and watch it yield again and again and again.

We only have a fixed number of hours in a day to work. So selling a limited commodity won’t get you very far. If you want to increase your income, you will need to get smart and start leveraging your efforts, making them pay off over and over, literally while you sleep!

If you’re a coach you definitely want to click here and check out this resource for creating passive income.

If you’re not a coach why not contact me today and we can brain storm ways to get you started.

This is a new year and you deserve new, better results. But they won’t happen unless you do something new.

Take action today! Procrastination isn’t your friend.

To bring in more coaching income click here.

To brainstorm new income streams contact me!

Swimming Alone

December 6, 2009

There’s one vital skill that you must learn if you want to succeed in life. I call it “Swimming Alone.” Company is good, indeed there is strength in numbers. But when it comes to following your dreams, there will always come a time, even if brief, when you will have to swim alone. You know it’s time to swim alone when:

  1.   (a)  All the other ducks in the pond just want to say, “Quack!”

Your dreams and aspirations are too “lofty” for your friends and family. They think you are crazy because you aspire to a life beyond “quacking.” Their well-meant warnings could prove a snare. Perhaps it’s time to swim alone, even if only to think.

   (b) Suddenly, just paddling around and scooping up food doesn’t seem like success to you.

You want more out of life. You’ve out-grown the pond. If you are going to get anywhere further you may just have to forge your way ahead. Perhaps alone. Because no one else is interested.

 (c)  Swimming in a group is proving a hindrance

Teamwork can be powerful. Sometimes synergy is just what you need. But when your team no longer gives you synergy but rather decimates the effort, it’s surely the time to break out. When old alliances no longer align with your mission, give going solo a thought, even if only for a while.

Are you at a point in your life or career where you are considering swimming alone? Do you feel this is the right step, but are afraid to take it? The support of a coach could be just what you need.

As a coach I am happy to help my clients explore their options and decide what they really want. Sometimes this is different from what they started off with.  And when they decide to take the route of solo-preneur I could be the extra eyes,  ears and shoulders they need in the absence of a large team. Following are some of the ways I’d be happy to support you on your journey into self-employment:

1.  As a sounding board for your ideas. Bounce them off me and I’ll help you find the path that’s right for you.

2.  Helping you overcome internal blocks to success. Are you afraid you won’t make it? Constantly putting yourself down? Hindered by procrastination or analysis-paralysis? Terrified of the competition? I have a range of tools and techniques to help you handle these situations. Why not avail yourself of the help you need, today?

3.  Accountability. With no boss breathing down your neck to get things done, it could be easy to slacken the pace. With me in your corner you’ll have someone to hold you accountable and help you keep your commitment to your goals.

4.  Support in learning new skills. Such as making presentations, handling difficult clients,  assertiveness and more.

If you’ve been meaning to take the plunge into self-employment but feel afraid and overwhelmed, or  if you feel the urge to go solo in some other area of your life,  I am here to support you. Why not get in touch today to see how this could work for you?  You have nothing to lose but a dream to gain!

How Many Times Do You Get Paid?

November 17, 2009

The following article is an excerpt from my newsletter, CLR Inspire (http://www.aweber.com/z/article/?clrinspire) If you’re an entrepreneur you may find a few tips to take away!


Many years ago I read Robert G. Allen’s book, Multiple Streams of Income – How to generate a lifetime of Unlimited Wealth. The lessons I learned from this have remained with me since. There is one in particular that I would love to share with you here, and that is to make sure you get paid many times over for your efforts. It’s called creating residual income.

Agreed, this is a coaching and personal development newsletter. And I am neither a business coach nor a financial advisor. However, my work as a coach is about helping you grow towards what you want. And sometimes this could involve a little re-education, empowering you to make a much needed paradigm shift. So today please permit me to digress from the usual. With that said, may I ask you , how many times do you get paid for every hour you work?

If you answered, “Once,” Robert Allen says your income is linear. You get paid for your time, and when you’re absent you earn nothing. This is a rather risky position to be in as there are a limited number of hours in a day; you can only work a set number of these. And since you must show up to get paid, you become a slave to time (sorry if this hurts). You don’t call the shots, the money does.

A better alternative to linear income is residual income. In this case, you get paid over and over for the same effort. You put in the hard work once and generate a steady flow of recurring payments.  Creating residual income requires patience and perseverance. At first you may earn nothing while you gradually build up this new income stream. A case of paying now and playing later. But when the money does start to trickle in, it keeps on coming, whether you show up or not. Now isn’t that freedom!

Examples of linear income are:

  • A salary,
  • Hourly rates for sessions with clients, and  
  • One-off payments for individual sales.

You must keep working to keep on earning. No work, no pay.

Examples of residual income are:

  • Royalty payments on a book or a song,
  • Re-packaging a live workshop as audio-programmes or workbooks, to sell over and over,  
  • Bonuses from the sales of multi-level marketing teams,  
  • Licensing others to use your recipes or formulas,
  • Franchising your business.

You do the hard work once and keep on re-selling. Or involve others to re-sell for you, earning royalties. Work once, get paid over and over.

Robert Allen tells of an inventor who built up residual income. He created the battery tester on the Duracell battery. Duracell pays a few pennies per battery pack, and over the years this has added up in the millions.

Which appeals more to you ? Slavery to money as you eke out a living from linear income, or time-freedom and financial independence as your efforts pay off again and again, whether you show up or not? If residual income appeals to you, why not brainstorm new ways to create it in your business today? And be free to do the things you’ve always wanted. Every woman’s dream and a great possibility.

Copyright (c) 2009 Oma Edoja