Making Room for Opportunity in 2010

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I am a great believer in being authentic. That is, aligning every aspect of my life and business with my values. When you live and work authentically it brings true satisfaction. Even if it hasn’t particularly been a great financial quarter, if there were storms in your relationships or you experience career disappointments, if you have followed your values there is nothing to regret. You know you did your best and so you can simply make a learning experience of your mishaps. But when you repeatedly dishonour your values, even material success will not make you happy. There will always be an inner, empty space, rather than true satisfaction.  

What I would recommend is to first decide on your top ten values, that you would like to honour in 2010. (If you need some help with this, please click here to see the feature article and Coaching Corner in Issue 1 of my newsletter).

Knowing your values can help to determine a direction for next year. For instance, “Next year I’d like to direct my life and business around integrity, family etc, etc, etc” (Notice the action words, determine and direct? These actions give you the power of proactivity. Your year is yours to determine and direct, rather than passively allowing it to drift by). Next, prune these 10 values down to the five that mean the most to you, and then your top three.  This pruning is to give sharper focus to your planning. Instead of a direction, we now have a focus and can more effectively zero in.

 Now, take out  2 sheets of paper and a pen as we are going to do a mind map for our year 2010!

Mind mapping exercise: 

 1.       In the middle of one of your sheets of paper (turn to landscape view) write “My Life”. Let’s call this page 1.

 2.       Next, on the second sheet (page 2) list the top 3 values you’ve chosen to honour (i.e. what matters most to you) in 2010.

 3.       Next, think of all the aspects/compartments/areas of your life (not life as people say it should be!). See the list below as a guide:

 a.       Family

b.      Work (your job, business or volunteering activity, or all three!)

c.       Health

d.      Rest and recreation

e.      Marriage/relationship

f.        Finances

g.       Spiritual

h.      Charity/contribution

 Of course you could add or delete categories, as this suits you. List these below your values, on page 2.

 4.  Now, back to page 1.

We are going to have My Life (as the focus of our mind map) in the middle and our different life areas arranged radially around the page. I prefer to put mine in thought bubbles. I recommend you do the same! Write one life area inside each bubble. See diagram 1 below.
Diagram 1
5.  Next, take each bubble, or part of your life and think on what is currently working for you and what isn’t. What’s honouring your values and what’s violating them? In other words, what you would like to do more of, and what you would like to get rid of. Write this inside the bubble. Also write beneath each bubble what this area would look like if your life were perfect. Label this: Target. State your target positively as though were already a reality. Complete this activity for all bubbles. See diagram 2 below.
Diagram 2
6.     Below or at the middle of your diagram, in a different colour ink, list your values for 2010 so that each time you view it, you have them in mind.

7.      What you have now drawn is an overview of what you want and don’t want in each part of your life (inside the bubbles) and where you are driving it to, or your destination (beneath each bubble) in 2010! This is still only a basic map as you have the start and finish lines, but not the journey in between. However it does provide some clarity and focus now that you have it drawn out. And of course, you can amend your mind map as you travel through 2010!

If you take action on what’s inside the circles, you can achieve what’s written beneath them, whilst being authentic (honouring your values). And as a bonus activity, I’ll add this: Take each area of your life and determine, on a scale of 0-10 (0 = totally unhappy with it and 10 = terrific, couldn’t be better!) how satisfied you are with it. Write your score in a different colour ink beside each bubble. Note the areas with the 3 lowest scores as those that need the most urgent attention. And if you’re a subscriber to CLR Inspire, continue reading to access your Subscriber Holiday Gift.


To thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, CLR Inspire, I’d like to offer you a Holiday Gift that could greatly impact your new year, from start to finish. Please read along and take quick action as this offer closes at midnight on January 7th 2010. I’ll tell you why at the end.

After completing your mind map and the bonus activity above, email me your 3 areas for most urgent action, together with what they would look like at a perfect score of 10 (i.e. your positively-stated target. Or you could choose any 3 areas you would most like to improve.  On receiving your email I will contact you to set up a no-cost consultation. At this consultation we will work on setting 3 clear intentions for your year 2010 and also look at any internal hindrances that could be standing in your way of achieving them.
The value of this gift is $USD 100 but it is yours at no cost in appreciation of your support and patronage.

The benefits of this exercise  to you include:

 (1) Sifting through your many intentions for the New Year and sorting out 3 to focus on. Eliminate confusion and concentrate your efforts. Turn wishes and New Year resolutions into goals with action plans.

(2) Sharper focus improves the chances of success.  Decide exactly what you want so you can recognize distractions. Once you recognize your distractions you have a better chance of eliminating them.

 (3) Identify your possible hindrances to success. These are often in our minds and in our environments. No matter how hard we strive forward, if we have internal and environmental hindrances (and we almost always have), these will act like thermostats to pull us back to our starting points every time.

(4) A clear action plan to bring your 3 focus areas to as close to a score of 10 as you are ready to achieve. Yes, it’s no more up to chance; it’s now up to you!

Of course, we don’t have to get to work right away! You go ahead and enjoy the holidays and we can get together in the New Year. However, you are required to take action immediately, in order to book your consultation.

So what’s the next action to take? Simply complete your mind map and bonus activity, email me your 3 most urgent action areas and then watch your inbox. And if you’re not yet a subscriber simply click here to leave your name and details and just type in: Subscribe to CLR Inspire. This will not only qualify you to receive this offer, but others as well, throughout 2010. And of course, you get my inspirational newsletter!

NOTE: This free offer closes at midnight on January 7th 2010.

Why am I closing this offer then? Because one of my intentions for 2010 is to only work with people who demonstrate a strong commitment to achieving their goals. I know we are all busy at this time of year, but those who are serious about their own progress are always ready to prepare room for it. They are the ones who will respond by the deadline and I have prepared room in my busy holiday schedule just for them. I hope you are one such person and I look forward to “meeting” you soon!


The Subscriber Holiday Gift Offer is now closed.

It was a pleasure meeting with those of you who took the exercise or contacted me about it.




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  1. omaedoja says:

    You are most welcome, MDLB!

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