Update 19th Oct ’09: The Get Fit Challenge


Hi there! I’m still waiting to hear from you regarding your fitness goals. There’s a whole lot of inspiration to be gained from a support group. So why not get in on it and grab some for yourself? It’s free! Often times, working alone can be discouraging. On the other hand, success rates are known to improve when we keep company with likeminded people. So let me sound out the invitation once again:

Join the Get Fit Challenge!

Decide on some steps you can take to improve your fitness level between now and December 31st this year. Set 2 or 3 goals from these and send them to me via email. When you do this you automatically join my Get Fit support group.

Benefits include:

(1)    Accountability (helping you keep your word to yourself),

(2)    Inspiration from other members,

(3)    Success tips via email,

(4)    One free email coaching session on your goals,

And more coming up!

How to join: Email me your goals. Find contact details here.

Hope to hear from you soon!


My journey so far!

In my last post I listed my 3 new and 2 old fitness goals.

(See my goals here:  https://zestwithoma.wordpress.com/2009/10/05/the-get-fit-challenge/ )

I did quite well actually (she would say that, wouldn’t she!). Got my 30 minute walks daily, sometimes exceeding 30 minutes, halved my portion size, at least most of the time (“wink!” ) and had no sweets and chocolates. However, I didn’t do any indoor aerobics (groan!) and occasionally binged with the biscuits! Phew, confession done!

What did I learn?

(a) Reporting back to you kept me accountable. Even though I didn’t do well with some of my goals, the ones I did keep were partly due to this accountability. I couldn’t come back and tell you I failed all through, could I?!

(b)   To stay focused on my commitment, not my goal. To this end I’ll be doing things to raise my commitment in the next 2 weeks. Such as posting notes around the house reminding me to stay committed, also with inspiring quotes; scheduling my fitness activities on my calendar (they stayed in my head, where they got forgotten!), asking a friend to be my fitness buddy.

(c)    It’s not over just because you had a bad week, or two. You can start again, go back to the drawing board to re-plan your strategy, as I’ve done, find out what does work since you now know what doesn’t, and simply renew your commitment.

(d)   Writing greatly improves the success rate. I’ve taken the first step by posting my goals here. The next step I’ll take is to keep a fitness journal where I’ll log my daily goals, plans, successes and failures. I think I’ll also write down any inspirational quotes I can find. A journal can help you stay focused, keep your goals top of mind, encourage you on not-so-good days when you review your progress and help you keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

(e)   Playing the Lone Ranger won’t work for me here! In some areas of my life, lone ranger-ing works just fine, but certainly not when I’m trying to get back onto an exercise routine. So for now, all my aerobics will be done at the gym. Except for walking of course, which I love, and occasionally even do in my sleep!

I’d love to hear how you think I’ve done so far. What could I have done better? What works well for you? Do send in your tips.

That’s it for now folks! It’s your turn next. Email me your goals and access all the great benefits of a support group.

Wishing you health and wellness,



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