Re: The Get Fit Challenge

Points to note:

j0430802zzz1.In order to avoid overwhelm I advise that people not attempt more than 3 new goals at a time. Notice, I’m already into goals (1) and (2), so my new goals are (3), (4) and (5).

2.Gauge your commitment. If it’s at zero presently, I recommend that you decide whether you really do want this goal. For yourself, not for someone else. If you do want it, what do you stand to gain by achieving it, or lose by not achieving it? If not much, then you might need to think of a more inspiring goal. We need a strong WHY to pull us through the tough times, something to look forward to, or strive away from. Without a strong WHY we are more likely to drop out along the way.

 3.If you do have a strong WHY, and really want this goal, then keep in mind what you stand to gain by committing to it. Or what you will happily be rid of at the end! As you think of your pay off, visualize the results. Conjure up the sights, sounds and smells. Imagine friends and family congratulating/admiring/envying you! Think how this achievement will also benefit others in your life. If you like, keep pictures of the things you are striving for, where you will see them every day. Look at them and see it done. With all this visualization, you should be able to work up your commitment each day. Just work it one day at a time. Hopefully, you will eventually get into flow, with 100% commitment. Then it will only be a matter of time before you achieve your goals!

4.I don’t recommend that you try to go straight from one extreme to another. E.g. from not exercising at all to jogging 5 days a week! That’s rather a drastic change, will likely hurt your body, and is setting yourself up for failure. Better to go gradually, working up to the ideal. So, from no exercise at all I could decide to walk to the shops instead of driving/taking the bus. Then, when I’m comfortable with this I could throw in one swimming session a week, or join a group of friends for a Saturday morning walk. Next I could be walking briskly for 30 minutes, one/two days a week. Get the point? And of course talk with your medical care provider before you take on any exercise or start any new routines. I’m aiming at no sweets and chocs because I’ve gradually been cutting back. And only 4 bix in any one day because I just lurv-v-v-ve them! To aim for no biscuits whatsoever would be unimaginable at this point! Slow and steady, more like it! 

 Wishing you great success,


Your coach and fitness pal,


Oma Edoja


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