Coaching Corner: Freeing Up Space and Creating Better Balance


 Do you find yourself with so much to do and too little time? Do you feel you are attending to some aspects of your life while neglecting others? Is your work getting in the way of your life, or vice versa? Creating balance isn’t about equally rationing our 24 hours between all of our endeavours. It’s about giving each aspect the time it needs to flourish. Enough to make us feel full and satisfied. A full day’s work and time at the gym do not  need to be equal. Neither do hobby time and family time. And what means balance to one person may not, to another. It’s about finding YOUR OWN balance. Because we are each coming from, and headed for different destinations.

I find that just as our lives are always changing, so is our definition of balance. Therefore, we may need to review our lives from time to time to maintain the equilibrium. This could require us to throw out some things to create room for others. Time requirements and regularity may also change. For instance, a sick family member needing more attention could necessitate our taking time off work. Or the birth of a child  could require a shift to part-time hours. Be aware that work-life balance is dynamic. To enjoy its benefits we need to proactively monitor it. You will know when a review is necessary when your previous balance stops working! Or better still, anticipate and prepare for change.

Coaching questions/action points:

  • Make a list of all the areas of your life at present, e.g. health, work, family, charity/service, finances etc.


  • If there is some element you would like to include, but aren’t into it yet, add this to the list.


  • Score each aspect from 1 – 10, where 1 = totally unhappy with this, and 10 = Completely satisfied. Award a 0 to those aspects you would like to include but aren’t involved in at present.


  • Are there items already on this list that aren’t serving you well? Could your satisfaction improve if you took them out? Such as a toxic relationship or an expensive habit? Circle such items, if possible, in red!


  • Every item for which you did not award yourself a 10 could benefit from some “re-engineering.” Of all such items, including the zero-scored, choose 3 that could make the biggest positive impact in your overall happiness if you could bring them to a 10.


  • Regarding these top 3, what would a perfect score of 10 look like? E.g. for health it could be weighing 10kg less than your current weight. For your significant relationship it could be forgiveness and open communication rather than the current sulking and grudge-bearing.


  • For each of these 3 areas write out a brief description of where you are now. Next to each, write out your “perfect 10” description. This is a map, albeit incomplete, of your journey from dissatisfaction to satisfaction.


  • What steps could you take to get from your starting point (where you are now) to the finish line (where you want to be)?


  • Write out an action plan, with achieve-by dates, for reaching your desired destination. This is your road map or game plan. Now get to work with it!


P.S. If you are the kind of person who can run with your plan and make things happen, great for you! However, most of us need a little help. You may have inner fears or limiting beliefs standing in your way. Or sabotaging habits such as procrastination and negative self-talk. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and just can’t get started, let alone finish. If you feel that you need support to de-clutter your life, achieve better balance and reach your goals please do not hesitate to contact me. Simply send me your responses to this coaching exercise with your name and valid contact email address and I’ll get back to you for a complimentary review. For a limited time this free offer is open to the public.


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