Coaching Questions – How to Get More of What You Want, continued.


Following are some coaching questions based on the preceding post. Enjoy!

  • Can you think of scenarios in your personal life where assertiveness could help you achieve better results? Say in your relationship/marriage, with your children/friends/neighbours/child’s school?


  • How could you diffuse a potentially explosive situation, discourage disrespect and encourage respect, lay down boundaries, rebuild a broken relationship or encourage positive communication using assertiveness?


  • Think of a situation where you were not assertive and did not achieve win-win. Perhaps the outcome was lose-win or lose-lose. How could you have been more assertive to achieve a positive outcome for all concerned?


  • List 3 situations in your personal or professional life where you think you should be more assertive. For each one,  write out possible steps you could take to achieve win-win.

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