Online Networking/Social Media


Have you heard the saying, “Your net worth depends on your network”? If you’re a professional woman or small business owner you certainly can benefit from a growing network. And yes, financially!

Along with traditional methods of networking have come “the new technology,” namely online marketing and social media. I came across this treasure trove of information on the subject and knew you could benefit from it. It’s a collection of articles on the subject, published at

Click on the following link to browse through. And do let me know how you find it!




One Response to Online Networking/Social Media

  1. Hi Oma,
    I read your views, they sound great, proactive interpersonal relationship is very important for the achievement of organisational objectives, I think African and Asian women in diaspora will mostly benefit from your enlightened stipulations. please keep up the good work. things can only get better with heart-felt views like yours.
    I wish you good luck.
    Kanayo Nwankwo

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