Ain’t No Sunshine (When this is gone!)


I recently attended a coaches’ workshop and came away with some really cool tips and tools. I’d like to share one of the tips with you here. I hope it helps someone!

Struggling with our goals just isn’t fun. If success doesn’t come soon enough, all we want to do is quit. If the sunshine’s gone with any of your goals, here’s a way to get it back:

Focus on your commitment, not the goal or the target.

I’ll explain. Let’s say you’ve been struggling with your weight. You have your sights set on losing 10kg and dropping 2 dress sizes, in x weeks. Nice and specific! You have all your support structures in place and you head off to the gym. You work out faithfully for a while, but success is slow in coming. You get discouraged. Working out becomes a chore. In summary, the sunshine’s gone out of your goals and you’re ready to quit.


Here’s a formula for reaching your goal:

Action, in the direction of your goal + Total Commitment  =  GOAL!

Here’s the sunshine tip:

Take your eyes off the action and the goal. Keep yourself totally focused on 100% commitment. Give it all you’ve got, in all circumstances. If you keep doing what you need to do, focused on honouring that 100% commitment, you can only end up in one place, and that’s your target! GOAL!


So, back to the weight loss example, focusing on the actions (whatever you need to do in order to lose weight – working out, watching what you eat etc) can get discouraging. Same with looking to the goal, which could appear distant and hard to reach. But focusing on the commitment is remaining in the moment, taking one moment at a time, a bite-size that you can handle. Once you’ve outlined what you need to do, commit to giving it 100%. This commitment is all you need to focus on. And ain’t no sunshine once commitment’s gone!


Coaching Tips:

  • What goal are you working on now?
  • On a scale of 0 – 10, (0= no commitment, 10 = total commitment) what’s your commitment to this goal?
  • If  less than 10, what needs to happen to get your commitment to 10?
  • Work on whatever will get your commitment to 10. You need 100% commitment.
  • Keep your eyes on maintaining this commitment. Keep doing what you need to, in all circumstances. Give it all you’ve got. 100% commitment.
  • If you fall off track, get back on again. Keep up your commitment. Keep company with those who are similarly committed. Hire a coach to keep you all revved up and going! Your coaches’ job is to commit to your commitment.

Enjoy the journey! See you when you get “there!”  🙂



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